On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the Department of Public Relations & Welfare and Strategic Action of FISIP Undip Business Administration Student Association had held an event called Business Go International. This event was carried out in a form of an online talk show using the Zoom platform. This year, the Business Go International event carried out a theme called “Studying Abroad Is Not Just A Dream” and it was aimed to show that getting a scholarship and having the experience to study abroad is not just a dream but something that can be realized.

The Business Go International event was driven by the high demand of students who wanted to study abroad yet they had no idea how or what to prepare. Besides, this event was also driven by the lack of information regarding student exchange programs and scholarships abroad. Therefore, this event was expected to provide information on study abroad scholarships and career-related experience from the overseas graduates.

This year, the Business Go International talk show presented three overseas graduates who had been succeeded in their careers. The first speaker was Ramdani Murdiana, a Master program graduate at Khaldun University in Turkey. While the second speaker was Deszantara Laydie, a Master program graduate at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and the third speaker was Andhika Sudarman, a Master program graduate at Harvard University in the United States of America.

There was an interactive discussion between the moderator and the speakers during the talk show. With the theme Scholarship Abroad: Let’s Make it Real, in the first session both speakers brought their presentations regarding things to be prepared to apply for a scholarship, tips and tricks on applying for a scholarship, and some other things concerning the experience of studying abroad. Meanwhile, the second session came with the theme International Graduates: Career and Opportunity. In this session, the speakers shared their experiences regarding the difference in the learning system in America and Indonesia, as well as the experience of studying in America and the work competition that had been more intense.

The Business Go International talk show was attended by more than 100 participants which meant that there had been huge enthusiasm from Undip Students and those from other universities. They were also very enthusiastic to ask questions either directly or indirectly in the chat box.