Community Service

Community service carried out by the undergraduate Business Administration Department for 2 semesters in 2020 which was followed up by a Cooperation Agreement with SMA Negeri 1 Semarang had an impact on the student activities while they act as the teachers on the entrepreneurship material. The Business Administration’s students took the role as the speakers on Entrepreneurship subject. The implementation of the Kampus Merdeka Belajar program put 2 students during the teaching activities at school (Ijai Pratama and Aldin Meidito). The entrepreneurship teaching materials were delivered to the high school students who were the aspiring entrepreneurs.

A humanitarian project program in Business Administration Department was initiated under the Student Association of the Department of Business Administration. The framework carried out throughout the year 2020 were the Bisnis Peduli Gempa (Turkey Earthquake Care), Bisnis Peduli Sukabumi (Sukabumi Care), and Bisnis Peduli Covid (Covid Care). These caring programs were in the form of opening opportunities to people who wanted to be the contributors as well as giving help to distribute to the victims associated with the caring program.

The achievements, made by the students, which were relevant to the field of science had been achieved by 5 students in an event called the Start Up Weekend. On that occasion, we won the 1st Winner (Richardia Ayu & Fika Nadia), 2nd Winner (Nur Latifah, M. Syahendra, M. Hafids W, Zulfa Rahma, Sumayyah Ashfa), and the 3rd winner (Bagas P, Annisa Rizqi, Idham Khaliq, Alfia Safira, Khoerotsa). Another achievement was the Competition 2 Photography 75 Faces of Indonesia by Ahmad Burhanudin Syah, Bangun Yudhanto / 14030118140048 / who won the 2nd winner. As well as the U-21 Kumite +84 Kg Putra, the INKAI Karate National Championship “Piala Ketua Umum Koni Pusat” 2020. Other achievements were made by Business Administration students at the Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPTEx 2020) event by Ijai Pratama. Competitions obtained at the Universitas Diponegoro regional level by the Business Administration’s students such as Mawapres Competition, the Undip PKM-K grant recipients, PMW, Diponegoro University Entrepreneur Award (DUEA).

While, lecturers who carried out the activities outside the Undip campus, one of which was conducting the Tri Dharma PT activities at universities which were included in the QS100 ranking, they were 4 Business Administration lecturers (Prof. Sudharto PH, MES, Prof. Naili Farida, M, Si, Dr. Widiartanto, M.AB , Bulan Prabawani, Ph.D). Those lecturers were appointed by one of the universities in the QS100 as the external examiners for the Doctoral Program students’ Dissertation Examination. Apart from that, the Business Administration’s lecturers were also active as consultants, as many as 4 researchers, namely Prof. Sudharto PH (FGD Omnibuslaw), Prof. Naili Farida (International Reviewer and LPDP), Dr. Sri Suryoko, M.Si (Amdal), Bulan Prabawani, Ph.D (SDG’s Project), Dr. Hari Susanta, M.Si (Disperindag), Dr. Widiartanto, M.AB (Pertamina).

Coaching program for students who excel both internationally and nationally through the PKM (Student Creativity Program) program had been carried out by 2 lecturers of the Business Administration Department (Dr. Andi Wijayanto, M.Si and Robetmi Jumpakita).

The Business Administration Department’s partnerships in the form of cooperation agreements with the related partners on the academic support had been made with several companies. The collaboration carried out by the department mainly involved the private sector. So that, students could do the internships program and lecturers could carry out the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi activities.

Collaborative institutions on 2020 included the Impala Space which provided the assistance in the formation of the business start-ups. It incidentally was one of the significant competencies that Business Administration’s students needed to have. Other collaborations involved PT Telkom, especially for the Lecturer’s Internships and Research activities. This cooperation agreement in total reached 16 documents which included 11 Academic PTN documents, 1 partner multinational company (Telkom), startup companies (Impala Space) and the alumni companies (Witjaksono), the cooperation with multilateral institutions or organizations as many as 1 partner that facilitates the Brevet Pajak training and the collaboration with the government’s agencies and SMA Negeri 1 Semarang. The activities carried out in collaboration with SMA Negeri 1 Semarang was the activity called Pengabdian Masyarakat 2020 which gave the entrepreneurship training experience to the students of SMA Negeri 1 Semarang.