International Undergraduate Program – Administrasi Bisnis

Kurikulum IUP

1th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subjects Description
1 UUW00006 University Internet of Things 2
2 UUW00005 University Sports 1
3 UUW00003 University Pancasila & Civic Education 3
4 PSAB6001 Faculty Political Science Introduction 3   
5 PSAB6002 Faculty Social Science Introduction 3

1. Social Science Introduction is a subject that will be given in early semester with the goal of giving an understanding to students about perspectives in Sociology, basic of community life, social injustice, social institutions, and social change.

2. This course also aims to present critical analytical skill to students, so that they will have the capacity to evaluate social phenomena, social issues, and social change that happened in society.

3. This course is a combination between 2 other courses, which are Sociology Introduction and Anthropology Introduction.

6 PSAB6003 Faculty Introduction to Economics 3


Provide the basics of the economic systems that are being implemented in Indonesia, the business & economic environment, economic system that has been implemented in Indonesia, monetary & fiscal policy, and then describing supply & demand model, forms of market competition, economic reform that are parallel with regional autonomy & regional development, development of real sector economy & SME, national income and macro economy of Indonesia.


7 PSAB6004 Faculty Principles of Management 3

Material in this course include functions of management, such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling in managing organization, so that the organization can achieve its objectives.


8 PSAB6101 Department Theory of Organization & Administration 3

The goal of the course is to give an understanding to student about how to identify, understanding, explaining organization parts and the dynamic structure of that organization.

In addition, administrative approach is used to identify the overall values and ethics within an organization. Behaviour management as an important element in organization that needs to be linked with the organization and administration.

9 PSAB6102 Department Introduction to Business Administration 3 This course basically contains a discussion of basic concept of administration, business, business decision, structured business environment, business organization, and business operation.
TOTAL       24  


2nd Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 UUW00011 University Religion 2

The goal of this course is to explain main issues in Islam, including:

1. The concept of divinity in Islam.

2. Faith & piety (Taqwa).

3. Implementation of faith & piety in modern society.

4. Human nature

5. Human rights

6. Democracy in Islam

7. Moral (Akhlak) & ethic.

8. Science, technology, and art in Islam

9. Harmony between religions (Tolerance)

10. Civil society and welfare of the community.

11. Economics in Islam

12. Islamic culture

2 UUW00004 University Bahasa Indonesia 2

The goal of this course is to make student understand about:

1. Various Languages.

2. Choosing the correct word or sentence to used.

3. Correct spelling according to EYD.

4. How to create sentences, topic, and theme correctly.

3 UUW00007 University English 2

The goal of this course is to make student understand about conversation in English and its practice in business environment.

Materials that will be taught in this course are:

1. Starting conversation.

2. Starting small talk.

3. Socializing.

4. Talking about daily routines.

5. Having business activity, such as appointments, telephone calls, business lunch and others.

6. Telling about past experiences and future calls.

4 PSAB6203 Department Statistic (Business) 3

This course is designed to discuss various statistical concept that are applied in solving business cases and business research.

Materials that will be taught in this course are:

1. Descriptive and inferential statistic.

2. Univariate & Multivariate.

3. Parametric & nonparametric statistic.

4. Application of statistic program.

The goal is to provide an understanding about statistical methods and concepts for analyzing and solving business issues. In addition, statistic could be used as a tool in making  decision rationally and prioritizing the data objectivity.


5 PSAB6204 Department Basic Accounting 3

This course gives an understanding about Basic Accounting, such as basic theories, explanation in various area of accounting, understanding the process of accounting from transaction, General Journal, General Ledger, and then preparing  financial statements in the form of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement, for Service and/or Trading Companies.


6 PSAB6205 Department Marketing Management 3 The goal of this course is to help in decision making process that are related with planning, analyzing, and controlling marketing activities in a company.
7 PSAB6206 Department Operations Management 3

This course discuss about controlling the production process, and business operation in creating goods or service. It is related to the use of resources to achieve the efficiency for the company and the effectiveness to fulfill customer needs.

Important decisions in Operations Management includes:

1. Product design

2. Quality management

3. Process and capacity design

4. Location strategy

5. Layout of work environment


8 PSAB6217 Department Industrial Sociology 2 Industrial Sociology is studied in order to develop human resources who have the capability to analyze and adapt to social change. This human resources is also expected to have the ability to make an efficient and effective implementation in developing development programs and practical solutions in society as a great community leader.
9 PSAB6207 Department Introduction to Corporate Governance 3

This course discuss about basic theory and practice of corporate governance, including:

1. Company history

2. Board of directors

3. Profit sharing

4. Various forms of company ownership

5. Shareholder activities

6. Takeovers, merger and acquisition

7. ethical issues, such as conflict of interest & insider trading

8. International corporate governance

9. Developing company policies.

TOTAL       23  


3rd Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 UUW00008 University Entrepreneurship 2
2 PSAB6109 Department Business Finance 3

Basically, this course is about company activities in controlling their investment policies, spending policies, and dividend policies in order to maximize the company value.

This course is presented in four parts:

1. Basic concept in financial management such as liquidity, rentability, and solvability.

2. Capital management, such as cash and securities management, account receivable management, and stock management.

3. Investment management, such as time value of money, investment feasibility, and risk management.

4.  Source of funds policies, such as capital structure policies and dividend policies.

3 PSAB6110 Department Human Resource Management 3
4 PSAB6111 Department Taxation 3 This course provides an understanding of the legal basis, procedures, tariffs, and tax calculation in Indonesia for taxpayers, either entity or individual. The goal of this course is to provide students with the ability to calculate and report tax payment independently and correctly.
5 LSAB6112 Department Environmental Management 3 This course is about environmental management in business perspective, discussing about various forms of environmental management, strength and weakness of each forms, and also about the effort to internalize external cost through cleaner production process.
6 PSAB6123 Department Managerial Accounting 3 This course is about basics of managerial accounting that related to accounting informations that are being used by management in their functions (planning, controlling and decision making)
7 LSAB6114 Department Digital Marketing & E-Commerce 3 This course is about the concept of E-Marketing (Internet marketing) and its implementation in business (e-business).
8 LSAB6124 Department Internal Audit 3 This course provides an understanding about internal audit, its scope of works, reports & papers, and to whom those reports are given.
TOTAL       23  
4th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 PSAB6215 Department Start-Up and Business Plan 3
2 PSAB6216 Department Risk Management 3
3 PSAB6218 Department Business Leadership 3 This course is about the role of a leader in leading the organizational member through motivation. The abilities that must be possessed by a leader in communicating, decision making, and conflict management.
4 PSAB6219 Department Business Performance Analysis 3 This course is about getting the information about how far a business can go in achieving their goals. Business performance could be reviewed from managerial and financial aspects. The result of this review could be used in decision making process.
5 PSAB6220 Department Business Communication 3 The goal of this course is to improve the student’s competence in communication. It is expected that student will be able to communicate well inside or outside of organization. The student will be taught about various basic concepts in communication, also some concepts that will help them to deliver a message well, either written or spoken, so that they can perform one of the manager task in organization which is as a spokesman.
6 PSAB6221 Department Investment & Portfolio 3 This course give an understanding about how an investor make an investment decision through various investment instruments. Investment have a different rate of return, and the return is uncertain. Risk and return concept play an important part in investing, which will be taught in this course. In addition, this course will also provides student with an understanding about fundamental and technical analysis through practice and group discussion. After taking this course, student is expected to possessed the ability to analyze and decision making in investing.
7 PSAB6222 Department Business Feasibility Analysis 3 This course is about how to analyze a feasibility of a business, which include the framework, process, technics that can be used (either market, technical, management, financial, or industrial aspect) and how to compile the feasibility report.
Optional Courses (1 Course Max)
1 PSAB6301 Department Financial Planning & Management 3 This course is about budget and its uses, factor that influence budget, the relationship between budget and other field of science, budget forecasting, budgeting procedures, and budget management.
2 PSAB6304 Department Banking Management 3

This course is discussing about management and banking organization, especially in Indonesia. Some material that will be studied by the student are:

1. Role and function of banking in economic development in Indonesia.

2. Basic pattern of banking management.

3. Banking fund management

4. Liquidity management

5. Credit management

6. Capital management

7. Assets and liabilities

8. Banking service management

9. Banking strategic management

3 PSAB6309 Department Computerized Accounting 3 The goal of this course is to give an understanding on how to use applied financial functions provided by certain program (such as Microsoft Excel). This course is expected to help student create financial planning and business decision making. The course will be conducted in computer laboratory by giving a real life case example which needed to be solved with the help of computer.
4 PSAB6310 Department Creative Industry and Tourism 3
5 PSAB6311 Department Secretarial Courses 2 This course is consist of materials that will help students understand about secretary and secretarial. Focusing on role, responsibilities, and skill that must be possessed by a secretary, either individually or as a part in their office. In addition, this course will help to develop a secretary who are able to develop a great personality by studying and implementing ethics.
TOTAL       24  


5th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 LSAB6113 Department Market Analysis and Business Intelligence (Business Model) 3 The goal of this course is to improve student’s understanding about current business climate as an important tool to develop in global economy. Starting by connecting the node of organizational dynamics.
Optional Courses
2 LSAB6108 Department Business Law 2
3 LSAB6302 Department Consumer Behaviour 3

This course is discussing about decision making process of customer in evaluating, having and using goods or services. This topic will be used as a consideration in developing marketing strategy.


4 LSAB6303 Department Business & Organization Management 3 This course is studying about organization theories such as structural perspective, process and behaviour, communication in an organization, organization’s culture, and organizational change as an indicator of the effectiveness of that organization.
5 LSAB6305 Department Business Research Methods 3 Business Research Methods is aiming to prepare student with knowledge, understanding, and application of various business research methods for their thesis. In this course, student will learn about various type of research, and research procedures, such as choosing the topic, problems identification, literature review, choosing focus of the problem, choosing the variables, research design, data collection technique, analyzing and drawing a conclusion. The course will be conducted in many forms such as discussion, observation activity, problem identification, and proposal- making practice.
6 LSAB6306 Department Information System Management 3 This course is needed to perform managerial process, which is planning, organizing, actuating and controlling toward various resources and process in an organization more systematically by using computer based information system.
7 LSAB6307 Department Retail & Supply Chain Management 3 This course will provide students with an understanding about retail comprehensively and will also talks about supply chain management which is connected to this course. In supply chain management, student is expected to understand about raw material and how to transform it to be a product and then distributing it to reach customer.
8 PSAB6308 Department Business Practice (Internship) 3
9 LSAB6312 Department Business Computing 2 This course is offered to help student understand more on how to applied Microsoft Excel for financial use. This course will be conducted in computer laboratory by giving a real life case example which needed to be solved with the help of computer.
10 LSAB6313 Department Project Management 3 This course is about managing the activities in a project so that the work that put in the project is going according to the  time schedule and the budget.
11 LSAB6314 Department Sales Management 3

Covering planning, organizing, controlling, recruitment, training, and motivational aspect of sales division, including collaborating between company goals and sales goals.


TOTAL       21  


6th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 PSAB6230 Department Seminar Proposal/Project 3
2 LSAB6225 Department International Business 3 Studying business and management internationally (between nation), covering globalization, impact of global environment to organization, trade policies, foreign investment, strategy of multinational company, strategic alliance and exports, international management (including human resources, operations, and finance).
3 LSAB6226 Department Strategic Management 3 This course is about component and model of strategic management, such as business profile, analyzing company’s external environment, process of making and controlling a strategic plan, and its implementation.
4 LSAB6227 Department Knowledge & Innovation Management 3 This course is needed in knowledge identification process and managing knowledge, which is acquiring knowledge, dialog, disseminating, and documenting knowledge. The process of managing knowledge needs an information system that based on knowledge itself. This system will be useful for the innovation aspect of an organization as one of the competitive advantage, especially in this era of information
5 LSAB6228 Department Business Ethics 2 This course is about moral standards that applied in business, like the commitment of the company to behave ethically, work together with all stakeholder in improving business performance, providing and guaranteeing the wellbeing of its employees, the communities and the environment.
6 LSAB6229 Department Research of Business Operations (Decision Making) 3

This course is explaining about the concept of operational research. The student will studying about:

1. Research classification.

2. Definition of operational research.

3. Broad outline of operational research.

4. Techniques of operational research.

5. History of operational researh.

6. Various concept, such as; linear programming, simplex method, game theory, transportation models, and PERT CPM.



Optional Courses
1 LSAB6315 Department SME Management (Small Business Management) 3 This course is about managing and developing small and medium enterprise (known in Indonesia as UMKM), as an effort to develop and equalize the economy of Indonesia.
2 LSAB6316 Department Management of Industry & Services 3

Basically, Management of Industry and Services is oriented in giving services to the customer. The development trend of service industry is caused by the improvement of people well beingness, and the importance of customer satisfaction.

The goal of this course is to develop the student who are understand about service industry management, including:

1. The characteristic of service industry

2. Factors that influence service industry

3. Planning and organizing of service industry

4. Implementing the strategic plan in service industry

5. Measuring performance and quality of the service

6. Marketing of service industry

7. Developing and managing human resources that are suitable with service industry

TOTAL       20  
7th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Subject Description
1 UUW00009 University Community Service Program 3
TOTAL       3  
8th Semester
No KM Code Subject Subject Credits Ket
1 PSAB6099 University Essay 6 Essay/Project
TOTAL       6  
Total Credits Overall 144

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