Anissa Rizqi Adha

Hi there! I’m Anissa Rizqi Adha, currently a student from batch 2019 International Undergraduate Program (IUP) of the Business Administration Major at the Diponegoro University. As a fourth semester student, I can surely tell you that IUP Class here has been so much helping me to gain extremely amazing experience in academic atmosphere, for instance meet the international students and guests from around the world, also enhance my English language skills which I believe would really help me to engage my goals to have a greater opportunity in the business world later on. Another thing that would be very memorable experience is IUP Class offer me to pursuing an exchange program which for me personally it is very priceless and become a valuable opportunity, and in this semester gratefully I’ve got an opportunity that has been my dream and goal, which is to do the student exchange program to Seoul, South Korea. To all potential and motivated students, let’s join us to feel the exciting and challenging experience for yourself!

Bregas Gezza Rangin Asonar

My name is Bregas Gezza Rangin Asonar I’m from iup adbis 2019. iup is really a great experience, great teacher, great classmates and fun teaching techniques, I really enjoy IUP class and I know it can make me better as a student as well as a person.

Natasya Putri Ananda

Hello! I’m Natasya Putri Ananda from IUP of Business Administration 19. been in an international undergraduate program is really helpful and useful for me. and for me this is a very limited chance to get better future with using English for everyday use. also, I’ve got a chance to do the student exchange program to Korea which this is one of my dream to study abroad and improve my skill in English.

Khalisha Anjaina Azka Athiyya

Hi! I am Khalisha Anjaina Azka Athiyya from IUP Business Administration 2019. International Undergraduate Program is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Not only I got new space to improve my English, but also to familiarized with English academical terms. Then, I got a chance to applied student exchange program to South Korea, which had been my goal to study abroad and I could realized by joined IUP.


Khairunnisa Afifa Salsabila

Hello, my name is Khairunnisa Afifa Salsabila from Adbis IUP 2019 class, since I am in iup class i learned a lot and I also have improved my English skill. the learning system in class also fun and also, they have good facilities inside the class.

Oriolle Amadissa Puteri Maskhananda

hi guys, let me introduce myself. My name is dissa, right now I’m studying business administration in international class. For me this is such a unsual and great experience. Because in this class we learn with different way or technique from the regular class. And also, in here we can develop our skill and many ways. And so far, I really enjoy to be in here and I’m so glad to be in this class.

Inez Julieta Khasanah

Hello, I am Inez students of business administration IUP Undip 2019. It is very exciting to learn at IUP Business Administration undip. I am sure that I can gain much experience that I can’t have if I didn’t choose IUP program.

Kahfi Hakim Kurnia

Hello, I’m kahfi hakim student at iup business administration, study in iup business administration is really good experience for me because the environment help me to develop myself also the lecturers is very professional so you can get so much knowledge from them. for people who have an interest in business or entrepreneurship this major is perfect for you.

Naufan Hafy Fauzi

My name is Naufan H. F. After 3 semesters of study in the Business IUP class, my English ability increased because I must speak English in every course. Of course, I got another perspective on business by joining the student exchange program. Also, I got encouragement and insight to build a business that I started.

Deniar Aiesya Zara

My name is deniar aiesya from IUP business administration 2019. I think in this IUP class I can improve my English while studying about business. Not just English for education but also English when we have a daily conversation with our friend. The minus is because of covid, I think the system for the online class is still lack. Maybe because it’s all prepared too sudden because the virus is come unexpectedly.


Lysandra Bryna H.

Hi, I’m Bryna, since I studied at this business administration Iup I know more about the new knowledge that I can get. And also, with this iup program, I have become more aware of broader insights from national and international levels, as well as getting a high quality education, because this program is supported by highly competent lecturers. In addition, with this iup program, the language of instruction used in English will certainly make us more fluent in communicating so that we will feel an international atmosphere and an advanced and relevant curriculum that can even compete both at the national and global levels.

Muhammad Mahesa Darmawan

Hello, I am Muhammad Mahesa Darmawan, a student of IUP business administration class 2019, for several years following this program, I have had personal advantages in myself including, I got a very tested quality of education because there are many overseas graduate lecturers such as from Canada, America, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia and others, Secondly, with small class conditions allowing us to interact more easily in group discussions in class and lecturers feel closer to us, the three of you get international exposure as IUP students, both joining the summer course held by Faculties that bring in foreign students such as from China and Vietnam to your class as well as student exchanges to partner universities that have been determined, and what is more profitable is that many programs are exempted from tuition fees so that you can save your money, and the last one is no less important. You can develop soft skills from various student activity units both on campus and off campus, for example, like I am currently a member of IMABI, which is a gathering place for Business Administration Students in Indonesia, I think this information can provide sufficient information to describe You guys join IUP, I’m waiting on beloved Orange faculty.

Dwi Gita Seno Palia

Hi, I am Dwi Gita Seno Palia from Business Administration IUP class 2019 and feel very proud to be able to join and be part of the Diponegoro University Business Administration IUP class. During teaching and learning activities carried out online and offline, they always get impressions and also lessons that are very important for the future, especially about leadership. and the use of English in every learning activity makes me more trained in the language.

Nasya Zelika Haura

Hi! I’m Nasya Zelika Haura. I’m a student in IUP Business Administration. Studying in IUP Class is challenging, apart from we have to speak in English, sometimes our lecturers give us random questions that might difficult to answers. But even we don’t know the answers, our lecturer will explain it until we understand it completely. Being a student in IUP Class is very exciting. Also, the atmosphere in class is easy and fun even though we are in online class for such a long time.

Hanin Aulia Rasyid

hello everybody! My name is hanin aulia rasyid and I’m a part of IUP Business Administration 2019! one of the best classes in undip. apart from challenging, we in the same class often do exciting things. like benyanyi2 together, discussions about business and others. Unfortunately, in the middle of our lectures came an unwanted virus and I am very sad! I hope to meet my friends and feel the classroom atmosphere that I miss every time.

Kaulian Kris Ponty Sutarno

Hello peeps, I am kaulian. One of IUP BA 2019 student. To be in this part of student from IUP BA is very marvelous. There are so many things that I can learnt from this class. But sorry, I’m not gonna explain more, but I want you to have experience about it! See you on the next year! ?

Hanun Aisyah

My name is Hanun Aisyah from IUP Business Administration 2019. So far, I enjoy studying in IUP class.  The learning is fun because the lecturer is very interactive with the students. Of course, in the IUP class we don’t only get regular lessons like other classes, because the IUP class uses English as the language of instruction, so we can also hone our English skills.

Nur Amalia Zahra

hello, I am Zahra student of Business Administration IUP 2019. I feel very fortunate to be able to join the IUP of Business Administration, apart from being a place to improve my English skills, I also find new friends and family who have a positive impact on me.

Salma Nadia Putri Davina

Hello, my name is Salma Nadia Putri Davina, being in an environment that requires English in learning really motivates me to be more excited about studying with me joining the IUP Business Administration Class. I feel myself prepared for a bright future.

Kayla Vyandini Malaika

Greetings! My name is Kayla Vyandini Malaika and I’m a student of IUP Business Administration 2019. Being a student of IUP is very fun and challenging! We learn more practically along with the theories, and we also have the opportunities to improve our interpersonal skills and public speaking.

Rayhan Praditya

Hello, my name is Rayhan Praditya, im part of the IUP business administration undip. my experience in joining international class Undip business administration was very fun. why can it be fun? because we are required not only to work on questions and listen to lecturers, but we are required to be active in speaking English and actively answer questions from lecturers, it is great to be able to join in business administration, apart from being required to be active in speaking, class facilities are also very adequate, namely spacious classes, comfortable chairs and tables, and very cold air conditioning, as well as the lecturers who are very friendly and can interact like friends, and the most fun thing is that we get the opportunity to go abroad in 1 semester, of course it is a wonderful experience. rare isn’t it. There are also many campuses abroad that collaborate with Undip so it will be easier for us to choose which country and which university to go to. come on for those of you who want to enter the Undip iup, register yourself immediately and you will not regret it.

Satwyan Prabu Dhira Dharmika

Hi, my name is Satwyan Prabu Dhira Dharmika. I’m student of IUP class Business Administration Diponegoro University. I really enjoy studying in IUP Business Administration, it gave me a lot of knowledge about how to become an entrepreneur, and i really enjoy the learning process in IUP Business Administration, the learning environment also really good.