Hi there! I’m Anissa Rizqi Adha, currently a student from batch 2019 International Undergraduate Program (IUP) of the Business Administration Major at the Diponegoro University. As a fourth semester student, I can surely tell you that IUP Class here has been so much helping me to gain extremely amazing experience in academic atmosphere, for instance meet the international students and guests from around the world, also enhance my English language skills which I believe would really help me to engage my goals to have a greater opportunity in the business world later on. Another thing that would be very memorable experience is IUP Class offer me to pursuing an exchange program which for me personally it is very priceless and become a valuable opportunity, and in this semester gratefully I’ve got an opportunity that has been my dream and goal, which is to do the student exchange program to Seoul, South Korea. To all potential and motivated students, let’s join us to feel the exciting and challenging experience for yourself!

Anissa Rizqi Adha

My name is Bregas Gezza Rangin Asonar I’m from iup adbis 2019. iup is really a great experience, great teacher, great classmates and fun teaching techniques, I really enjoy IUP class and I know it can make me better as a student as well as a person.

Bregas Gezza Rangin Asonar

Hello! I’m Natasya Putri Ananda from IUP of Business Administration 19. been in an international undergraduate program is really helpful and useful for me. and for me this is a very limited chance to get better future with using English for everyday use. also, I’ve got a chance to do the student exchange program to Korea which this is one of my dream to study abroad and improve my skill in English.

Natasya Putri Ananda

Hi! I am Khalisha Anjaina Azka Athiyya from IUP Business Administration 2019. International Undergraduate Program is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Not only I got new space to improve my English, but also to familiarized with English academical terms. Then, I got a chance to applied student exchange program to South Korea, which had been my goal to study abroad and I could realized by joined IUP.

Khalisha Anjaina Azka Athiyya

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