About Us

Diponegoro University International Relations Study Program or more popularly known as IRDU (International Relations Diponegoro University) is currently the only international Relations study organizer in Indonesia Have a concentration of international cooperation in addressing Transnational and international crime.

The emergence of this Study Program is not only to participate, but the growth of international relations (HI) is also now so popular in Indonesia. Not necessarily in the framework of the spirit of differentiation solely to differ from the mainstream of conventional HI studies. However, more than that, the emergence of the International Relations Study Program of Diponegoro University with special interest, is a conscious reading of the contemporary condition, both at the global and national level.

Indonesia's position is the cross lines of the world, causing Indonesia to become a region of contact and face to face various elements, both in the sense of both positive and negative. In a positive context, the condition is a strategic aspect; but on the other hand, it is also a region prone to various forms of transnational and international crimes.

Departing from these conditions it is necessary to be born an international relations study that not only examines the traditional issues of HI in general but more than that, it is necessary to understand a HI-study and be sensitive to the Indonesian conditions today and Mondial Contemporary. For this reason, IRDU was born.