One of the most awaited moments by students is the Field Work Lecture (KKL), a once in a lifetime moment in lectures that is a pity to miss. On Monday (23/4), the 2015 batch of Business Administration (Adbis) students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University, were dispatched to carry out KKL. The activity which lasted for 5 (five) days starting April 23-28 2018 with the aim of Kudus-East Java-Bali, by visiting the Djarum, Yakult, Suprama, Cok Ajik Konveksi (Krisna) Companies, and several tourist objects in Bali. The head of the 2015 class of 2015 Business Administration student KKL activities, Faizal, said that KKL activities were held with the aim of adding insight to students about companies in Indonesia and seeing the production process firsthand.

The first day, the departure started from the gathering point at the Diponegoro University Multipurpose Building (GSG). A total of 114 students were dispatched using 3 buses which work together with the tourist agency Centra Tours & Entertainment. The first visit on the day of departure was PT. Djarum, a cigarette company in Indonesia whose production center is in Kudus, Central Java. The trip lasted for about 2 hours, when arriving in Kudus the group was greeted by the Company’s Public Relations to guide the journey when entering the Kudus area until arriving at the Djarum company or during the visit. On the first trip, the group was guided to Hand-made Kretek Cigarettes (SKT). ??In this visit the group was shown the process of making unfiltered kretek cigarettes made using human hand skills. During their visit to the SKT factory, the group was shown dozens of employees, the majority of whom were working women. During the visit, he explained about SKT products, such as Djarum 76, Djarum Coklat, Djarum Istimewa and Djarum Coklat Extra.

Student visit to PT Djarum Kudus

On this occasion the group visited the Djarum Oasis Kretek Factory, which is a Plant Nursery Center (SPT) as a form of commitment and care for PT. Djarum to support government programs in the context of environmental awareness. On this occasion, the group was invited to tour the park, listen to an explanation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and proceed to the Plant Nursery Center. After leaving the Kreketek Factory Oasis, the group headed to the Djarum Badminton Sports Hall, a training center for badminton athletes for the Men’s and Women’s Singles PB Djarum with various facilities and training methods with international standards. Djarum Badminton Sports Hall was also the last visit on the first day, the trip then continued to East Java.

On the second day, the group was in East Java to continue a visit to the Yakult Company in Mojokerto. At 9:30 a.m., the group conducted a visit by entering the yakult production site, from the process of making plastic bottles, developing bacteria, production systems to packaging products until they are ready to sell to the market. After leaving Yakult, the group continued their journey to PT. Suprama. At 1:00 p.m., the group arrived at the Suprama company, a company that produces noodles and snacks with its flagship brand, dry noodles, bird noodles. On this occasion, the group was shown the production process directly. At the end of the event, the group was invited to do a cooking demonstration accompanied by representatives from the company, to share information about how to cook PT. Suparama served in fried noodles and noodle soup, did not forget the tasting session with all the participants. After that, the group continued their journey to Bali.

Student visit to PT Yakult Surabaya

The third day, the group arrived in Bali which was guided by a tour guide from the Balinese people. The group was invited to visit Joger, which is one of the shopping places for Balinese souvenirs, especially T-shirts with unique Joger words and then the trip continued to Bedugul, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali. In the afternoon, the group visited Pandawa Beach which is located in South Kuta, Badung, Bali which is known as Secret Beach, because of its location hidden behind the sloping rocky hills. At 18.00 local time, the group was presented with a Balinese traditional dance, namely the Kecak dance which was the main attraction for the group. The group was very enthusiastic and entertained for the dance. That night, the group headed to the hotel to rest
On the fourth day, the group headed for Cok Konveksi, a convection center founded by Cok Ajik and the founder of Krisna’s souvenir center. During this visit, the group was invited to tour the production process of making t-shirts and then proceed with shopping at the gift center by Krisna. The next trip to Uluwatu Temple as the last tourist attraction visited in Bali. This temple, which is often called Pura Luwur, is one of the Sad Kahyangan Temples, namely six Kahyangan Temples which are considered as spiritual pillars on the island of Bali. Uluwatu Temple is located on a high cliff jutting into the Indonesian Ocean, so the group was spoiled with a beautiful ocean view from the top of the cliff. Because it is located on a cliff, to get to the temple location the group has to walk up a stone staircase that is quite high. This temple is also famous for hundreds of macaques roaming around. Even though they look tame, the monkeys often disturb visitors by grabbing food or items that are worn. After the visit is over, the group returns to the hotel to continue the Prom Night event in the evening. The Prom Night event is a night of intimacy with the theme Summer Tropical. The event was opened with remarks from the Head of the Department, Bulan Prabawani, S.Sos, MM, PhD as well as accompanying lecturers during the KKL activities, the event went on lively until at the top of the event there was the election of King and Queen.
The Pie Susu souvenir center is the last location the group visited before returning to Semarang. On this occasion, the group can shop for Balinese souvenirs. After arriving at the Pie Susu souvenir center, the group continued their journey back to Semarang and arrived in Semarang at 09.00 WIB. “With this KKL, it is hoped that the 2015 generation will be more compact and intimate and can become beautiful memories for the future.” Said Faizal Nur Rahmann, Chairman of the 2015 KKL Business Administration. (Risky S)