Department Student Association

Business Administration

With the Spirit of Togetherness, We Create Department Student Association of Business Administration as a Place for Business Administration Students to Grow and Develop in Reaching the Horizon of Dreams.


With the spirit of solidarity, the Business Administration Student Association is created as a place for the students to Grow and Develop themselves in Reaching The Horizon of Dreams

  • Creating the spirit of solidarity among the members of the 2021 Business Administration which is based on the professional and mutual cooperation values in order to create a maximum contribution
  • Strengthening the function as the place for solutive, informative, and contributive students’ aspiration and service
  • Optimalizing the media and cooperation as the image and appearance in both internal and external sphere that is based on the sinergy and sustainability
  • Increasing the spirit of entrepreneurship through the application of idea, concept, and creative, innovative, and adaptive program
  • Developing the climate of the integrated, collaborative, and adaptive human resource development
  • Increasing the climate of discussion, student movement, and creative, responsive, as well as collaborative community service program
  • Optimalizing the art and sports potentials of the Business Administration Students, as well as the development in research and science for the establishment of the high-achieving Business Administration

Sailing Together Reaching Dreams

Sailing Together, Creating Works, Giving Meaning, Reaching Horizons!


Organization structure

Administrator Database

Executive Board

Chairman : Muhammad Hafidz Washillah

Vice Chairman : Muhammad Fadhli 

Secretary 1 : Camelia Utami Putri Mahanani

Secretary 2: Annisa Puspitasari 

Treasurer : Fitria Ananda 

Department of Welfare and Strategic Action (KESTRAT)

Head of Departement : Huwaida Zahra Mansyriah

Advokesma Division : Amelina Fatmahwati

Kastrat Division : Derwinto Sipayung

Staff :

Astri Rahmawati

 Irkhas Ndaru Pamungkas

 Naufalia Dafa Rahmawati

 Kheren Pangaribuan

 Alina Hasna

 Rambang Reswara

 Anisa Labiybah

Research and Scientific Department (RISKEL)

Head of Department : Burhanudin

Research Regeneration Division : Devita Fitri Nur Zuwandani

Education Program Division : Lisa Zuliasari

Staff :  

Rani Handayani

Nabil Makarim

Regina Natya

Dwi Elita

Mufidah Nursyifa

Dixa Aurika Arnisadhea

Aizzatin Nada

Annisa Tri Oktaviani

Department of Human Resource Development (PSDM)

Head of Departemen : Wahyuni Putri Mumpuni

External Division: Sarina Tiarani Anggia Sutanto

Internal Division: Sumayyah Ashfa Ashfia

Staff :  

Rahma Fitriyani

Prasya Narendra

Earlene Monica V

Syifa Aulia Ramadhan

Shania Agitta Tarigan

Aulia Nurputtik Puspita D

Aninda Cahya

Silvia Yuaninda

Department of Information and Communication Media (MEDIKOM)

Head  of Department  : Nugrahani Citra Athene

Content Management Division : Clara Monica Imam

Visual Creative Division : Insanul Kahfi Prawira

Social Media & Website Division : Joanne Evin Tyastorini

Staff :  

Jilan Aqila P

Cecep Paqih Fauzan

Sakha Andhika

Ayi Yulianingsie

Isna Ziadatun

Oktavia Dwi

Anggi Salmaa

Farezy Al Azahri

Public Relations Department (HUMAS)

Head of Department : Rhea Irania Chrisanta

Public Relation Division : Mutia Ryansa

Community Social Division : Regina Octaviani Wihalauw

Staff :  

Brigitta Vania A

Salmaa Ardina Saksono

Farhan Alhanif

Firza Syafitrah

Muhammad Aqil Fahriza

Nabila Andari Dinia

Sovy Rahma Diffa

Syukrina Kamilah

Department of Interests and Talents (MIKAT)

Head of Department : Fakhruddin ‘Azzam Harviyanto

Divisi of Art: Andrea Putri Amalia

Sport Division : Labib Izzudin

Staff :  

Dwi Salwa Kaniyah

Tegar Nur Firmansyah

Shafa Salsabila

Claresta Marsha R

Sandi Yudha Sakti

Bagas Ramadhani Santoso

Ame Angelique

Business and Economy Division (EKOBIS)

Head of Department : Ririn Apriliani

External Division : Marsa Sandika

Division of Creative Economy : Paulus Christian Banurea

Division of Business Studies & Development  : Amanda Rizkya Putri

Staff :

Amalia Rasyidah

Wina Widya Rani

Fauziyah Aulia Rahma

Destia Putri M

Jessica Ayu Christanty

Aisyah Durotul Jamilah

Muhammad Rasyidi Nazruddin

Vanya Fahira Gustian

Work Program

Department Student Association

Business Administration

Work Program

Perception (August 30th, 2020)

Perception Business Plan Competition known as a work program by the Research and Scientific Department is aimed to be the place to learn and develop the skills to innovate and solve the problem, as well as to raise the spirit of the students’ high-achieving culture by providing a competition in business sphere. This competition was held on August 30th, 2020 where the participants came from either the internal or external students of the Business Administration and was judged by the external outstanding students, Luga Chania Firelli, S.T and Angga Fauzan. This year Perception will be hold on July 24th, 2021. The Perception program cultivates the students’ way of thinking to innovate and solve the problem. Even though the program had just begun at 2020, it was successful to invite participants from various cities throughout Indonesia in terms of the series of the events

StartUp School (October 2nd and 3rd, 2021)

StartUp School is an activity which will explore more about the startup itself. This activity will be held for two consecutive days with different topic and speaker. On the first day, the activity will discuss about the material. The activity is aimed to be the place for its participants who want to learn deeper about the startup school. The target participants of this activity are the Undip Students. This activity will be carried out on Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd and 3rd 2021 through Zoom platform.

“What is StartUp?” and The Problem Analysis as the StartUp’s Initial Capital with the output title or the problem to be solved. Meanwhile, on the second day, they will discuss about the lean canvas and consumer validation with the lean canvas and the consumer validation of each group as the output. The existance of the StartUp activity is expected to give knowledge for its participants about startup, create the concept of the startup that is complete with its aspect. Such as pitching, branding, service system, application concept, as well as to add the interest of the participants in the world of startups



Konfernas Imabi (August 25th-31st, 2020)

Indonesian Business Administration Student Association (IMABI)

The Indonesian Business Administration Student Association (IMABI) is an organization that accommodate the Indonesian Business / Trade Administration that aims to realize the unity and brotherhood of students between the Business Administration Student Institute and Commercial Administration throughout Indonesia in exploring, living and developing the entrepreneurial spirit of the members in order to achieve the independence in society, nation and state.

IMABI itself has some annual events. One of them is the National Conference (Konfernas). The National Conference of the Indonesian Business Administration Student Association (IMABI) is an annual agenda of the IMABI that is aimed to be a forum for the friendship between the students of Business / Trade Administration Student Association throughout Indonesia, to be the benchmark for the ability of each individual and the Student Association of Business / Trade Administration Department, as well as to discuss the One-year Accountability Report of the IMABI’s management. This conference was held on past August 25th-31st, 2020 and will be carried out again on the next August.

This year, the 2021 Business Administration Student Association was entrusted to host the IMABI National Conference which will be held online.